Scarce and Rare Blocks for Current FRNs

For the technical stuff on serial numbering, please read this page. For a general overview of features on FRNs (such as what is a FRB district letter or what is a face plate number), this page will help you out.

What is a block?

A block is basically the FRB district letter prefix - letter suffix combination of the serial number of that bill. So a $1 bill with a serial number of A 12345678 B will be in the A - B block. However, a $5 bill with a serial number of CD 12345678 A will be in the D - A block.

What are the (dc), (fw) or (web) designations after the block and why does it matter?

They indicate the facility where those bills in question are printed. (dc) indicates that it was printed in Washington, DC, while (fw) indicates that it was printed in Fort Worth, Texas.
A (dc) printed bill will not have a facility mark next to the face plate number on the front of the bill, where as a (fw) printed bill will have a FW facility mark next to the face plate number on the front of the bill.
A (web) designation indicates that the bill in question was printed on the web press. A more detailed explanation is at this page. All web notes were printed in Washington, DC.
The reason why it matters is that one particular facility may have printed more notes than the other facility, and many collectors do consider the same block printed in two different facilities as two distinct, seperate blocks. In addition, a block that has both web notes and regular bills printed are also considered to be two distinct, seperate blocks.

What is the criteria for a particular block to be listed here?

Currently, any non-star block that currently has 19,200,000 or fewer bills printed or any star block that has fewer than 1,000,000 bills printed. Please note that star notes may have a few scarce/rare runs mixed in with common star note runs. Please check out this page for more information on the scarce/rare star note runs.

Tougher $1 Bills
Series 2003A: A - D, B - K, E - H, F - E (dc), F - J (dc), F - M (fw), K - *
Series 2003: D - *, F - * (dc), F - C (dc), F - D (dc), F - L, L - N
Series 2001: B - H, D - D, F - F (dc), H - *, I - A (dc), J - A (dc), K - D

Tougher $5 Bills
Series 2003A: I - A
Series 2003: E - B, G - A (dc), L - D
Series 2001: H - B, J - B, K - C, L - D

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